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If you use one that’s either too large or too small you end up getting really large parting lines on the crimp collar, so you won’t have a full contact patch. You really want as much contact between the hose and collar as possible so it’s very important to have this done correctly, otherwise, you will have leaks and failures with the hose.” The Sport-Crimp hose ends are almost identical to the 2000 Series hose ends; the only significant difference is the hose tail on the Sport-Crimp ends is made with multi-interference fit barbs and a provision to accept a screw-on crimp collar that assists in keeping the crimp concentric during the crimping process.   According to McLellan, there’s a good reason the Sport-Crimp fittings are so close to the 2000 Series hose ends. “We’ve designed our Sport-Crimp fittings to be almost identical to our 2000 Series Reusable fittings to help keep the cost down. By keeping these fittings the same as the 2000 Series, we were able to limit our tooling costs and pass some of that savings to the end-user. They can be used on our Black Nylon Race Hose or 3000 Series Stainless Steel Hose, so you don’t need to invest in different hoses if you decide to switch to the Sport-Crimp fittings.” Applications And Advantages Of Sport-Crimp Fittings Plumbing a racecar can require creative solutions on how hoses are routed and fittings are used, depending on the situation. The Sport-Crimp fittings are a product that can be used in a variety of Plumber chicago Chicago YourPlumber-IL applications just like a standard reusable AN fitting, and that makes them useful on any build. Fragola has worked hard on making sure the Sport-Crimp fittings can do just about any job the end user needs them to do. Sport-Crimp fittings can be used in many different locations on any build and will speed up the hose making process for any project. The Sport-Crimp fittings are just as good as the reusable ends in regards to leakage (or lack thereof, rather), but the convenience and ease of making the crimp ends are what pushes them to be the best choice for high-end applications.

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